Mexican business to launch Trump toilet paper

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This has got to be the most bizarre way to start a business for anyone, regardless this creates jobs, Donald Trump creates jobs even for those who don’t support him. 

A Mexican businessman offended by presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric will introduce “Trump” brand toilet paper this year. He is going to use a percentage of the revenue to help illegal immigrants and those deported, he claims.

Guanajuato lawyer Antonio Battaglia will market the product with the iconic image of the Trump golden coiffure placed atop a roll of toilet paper, reported Expansión, a CNN affiliate network. The Expansión reported that “[t]he offensive tone when referring to Mexicans during his campaign days heading for the United States presidency motivated Battaglia.” The publication mentioned Trump’s reference to “bad hombres,” a phrase the candidate used during a presidential debate in October 2016. As reported by Breitbart News, the use of the phrase was about drug dealers.