Boy Threatens To Behead Girl At B.C. School Catering To Syrian Refugees

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A 7-year-girl finally spoke up after staying silent for months that boy at the Coquitlam school threatened to cut off her wrists and head back in November 2015. 

“I was really scared,” the girl said. “He held a pocket knife up to my throat. Each time I got scared, he kept putting it closer and he said if I tell one person, he’ll cut off my wrist, (and) if I tell more, he will cut off my head.”

The girl waited until late April to tell her parents. “I didn’t want to tell my parents because I thought he would do it,” she said.


Coquitlam school is one of the largest refugee populated schools in British Columbia, the school has a special refugee website that offers jobs to only refugees that have been in Canada for less than five years, the site also offers many other services to refugees, the website is 

Coquitlam to host large number of refugee families

Long awaited, often talked about, Syrian refugees are about to move into the Tri-Cities, and local schools and community agencies are set to welcome them.

As many as 18 families of government-assisted refugees (GAR) will be moving into the Cottonwood neighbourhood off North Road in the next week, with more to come as soon as low-cost housing can be found.

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