Kathleen Wynne to announce resignation soon

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If Kathleen Wynne’s approval ratings tripled from the 12 percent they’re at now, she would still have less support than Donald Trump has. 

History shows many failed governments have stepped aside with record low approval ratings, in the case with Kathleen Wynne, majority reasons being the controversial sale of Hydro One as well as a recent auditor’s report which heavily criticized the province’s spending habits.

Hydro One directly affects low income middle class Ontarians, but in return Wynne has raised the minimum wage to $15 per hour, a smart move to gain popularity without explaining the consequences that might bring, just like Alberta, many businesses closed their doors thanks to the wage increase. 

It would be in the best interest for the Ontario liberals to ask Wynne to step aside now. 

You can bet a host of potential successors will be watching their email inboxes ultra-carefully this month, because this is truly the 11th hour for this premier if she wants to step aside. With the next election exactly 12 months away, Wynne could retire and call a convention to choose a new leader (presumably for November or December), thereby giving her successor six months or so to change Liberal fortunes. But that timetable would obligate the premier to step down this month. Any later runs the risk of not leaving adequate time for the next leader to change the channel.


If you live in Ontario, expect a announcement soon, if there’s no announcement, the Ontario liberals will surly lose the next election held on June 7, 2018.