PETITION: Tell Trudeau to Imprison or deport all known or suspected Jihadists

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The petition reads:

After the terrorist attack in Ottawa, Quebec and recently in Manchester, England, I feel not enough is being done and it’s only a matter of time until it happens again in Canada. We have to be proactive and get in front of this problem instead of always reacting. Our security organisations are overstretched & unable to stop these already “known” terrorists who are attacking & killing our people, including children. These terrorists are enemy combatants living among us who want to murder our families, friends, neighbors & countrymen, in cold blood. Put them in confinement or deport them to save lives & ease pressure on our security services. If a new law needs to be made to do this, then it should be made, even if just temporarily. Politicians pass new laws all the time, the least we can do is change the law to protect our people & our way of life.

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