Foreign workers get fast tracked to Canadian jobs starting today on taxpayer salary 

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Starting today, Canadian companies can bring in foreign workers in as little as two weeks thanks to the liberal government. 

The program starts today at a cost of 7.8 million to Canadian tax payers. 

The plan, which was fleshed out in the federal budget, is part of Ottawa’s so-called Global Skills Strategy, an effort to help Canadian employers attract the world’s best and brightest. Today marks the start of a $7.8-million, two-year pilot run that will be a test case for whether the program should be made a mainstay of Canada’s immigration policy.

The fast-track lane into Canada is reserved for “high-growth companies” hiring high-skilled workers with hard-to-find qualifications or unique expertise, the government said.

The program, known as Global Talent Stream, also allows employers, universities and some research institutions to bring in international talent for short periods of time with no work permit at all.

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