Muslims get fired for breaking safety violations at Husky Energy and blame Islamophobia

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Muslims were quick to blame Islamophobia when they got fired from Husky Energy, the exact reason for the release is unknown, but let me talk about my own experience, I have worked in the oilfield in Alberta for more than 10 years, I’ve witnessed many incidents, I’ve cleaned up behind fetal incidents, safety in the oilfield is no joke, or Islamophobic.

Wearing a hoodie in the oilfield on live sites is a safety violation, sometimes I got lazy and wore my hoodie, I got shit for it, if I violated this safety rule a few times, I eventually got shit-canned! And I appreciated getting fired as I look back getting fired for violating safety rules it could have prevented incidents that could affected me or someone else on the site.

Watch as this Muslim woman said the company complained about her Hijab, which exactly resembles a hoodie.

Religions or not, is she willing to get a job that would risk her, or someone else’s life? That’s the debate being discussed now.

Later reports show the company was doing cut-backs and the group was choose to be laid off, was it because they were continuing to violate safety rules that could kill someone? Or was it because they are Muslim? Listen to the recording below.

For now the debate will continue, share this message and comment your thoughts.

Read the CBC version here.