SHOCK QUOTE: Reinforce border fence with pigs’ heads to better repel refugees

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While makeshift scarecrows placed on border fences might keep refugees from entering Hungary, severed pigs’ heads would be an even better deterrent, a Hungarian MEP has said sparking a barrage of criticism and drawing bitter comments online.

Responding to Stroehlein’s remark, Hungarian politician Gyorgy Schopflin who represents the ruling Fidesz party in the European Parliament “agreed” that “pig’s head would deter more effectively.”

The two men then got into a heated argument joined by other Twitter users. Stroehlein said that it was absolutely unacceptable for an MP to come up with such a proposal.

“Your words are disgusting. I would expect that from anonymous neo-Nazi trolls but you’re an MEP. Act like one,” he said accusing the politician of “spouting such xenophobic filth”.

In his turn, the MP said Schopflin’s remarks “were beginning to resemble hate speech”.

Others mocked the politician’s proposal, saying it is a “shame” that people like him get to represent Hungary.