‘RIP’ BULLETS: British Special Forces given the most deadly bullets ever to fight Muslim terrorists

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THE SAS will be equipped with deadly exploding RIP bullets as the force is kitted out with state of the art weapons to fight ISIS.


The elite fighting unit is getting a horde of new weapons already used by the US special forces.

One piece of ammunition in the formidable arsenal is the Rapidly Invasive Projectile, or RIP, which is designed to cause maximum internal damage.

The bullets are designed to kill on impact, and will be issued to the crack squad in the coming weeks.

The RIP, as the name suggests, is described as the most lethal ever made.

Made by US company G2 Research (G2R), it is designed to splinter into eight pieces.

Each piece is as deadly as a single bullet.

The manufacturers’ website states: “It is capable of going through barriers such as sheet rock, plywood, sheet metal or glass and still performs its original intent.

“The bullet shreds through solid objects and, only then, expends its energy.”

The design of the ammo also reduces the risk of ricochet, as the target takes the brunt of the impact.


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