Muslims In Germany Take 19 Year Old Pregnant Girl, Stab Her In The Stomach, Then Cover Her Entire Body In Gasoline, Set Her On Fire, And Watch Her Slowly Burn To Death

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Two Muslim Turks in Berlin, Germany, took a pregnant 19 year old girl named Maria, stabbed her in the stomach, then covered her whole body in gasoline, set her on fire and watched her burn to death. They then covered her charcoaled body with leaves and left. I did a whole video on this gruesome murder:

This is what the report from one English speaking media outlet tells us:

Two men were arrested after a heavily pregnant 19-year-old woman was burned to death in a Berlin wood and one has confessed to the crime, police said Saturday.

One suspect is the ex-boyfriend of the victim and the other is his friend, a police spokeswoman said. Both suspects are also 19.

The victim was stabbed numerous times in the abdomen and burned alive late Thursday in the eastern Berlin district of Adlershof.

Walkers found the body Friday morning near a woodland path when their dog started barking and acting strangely.

The first suspect was arrested a few hours later. The two suspects are charged with murder and termination of a pregnancy.

They are to be brought before a court Saturday….