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A shop called iHalo Krunch is making waves in Toronto after becoming the first ice cream shop in the city to serve black ice cream.

According to blogTO, the shop opened yesterday in the Trinity Bellwood’s Park area of the city and was greeted by “a steady stream of customers” curious about all the hype surrounding charcoal, or “goth,” ice cream.

Indeed, a quick look at Instagram reveals people are quite excited about the black ice cream.

Some are even double fisting the black ice cream.

Others are enjoying the black ice cream with friends.

Others are holding on to the black ice cream very tightly, perhaps afraid someone might snatch it away.

“At iHalo Krunch, ice cream comes in house-made charcoal waffle cones (made from coconut husks) filled topped with flavors like coconut charcoal soft serve, ube, ube and coconut charcoal swirl, matcha and vanilla bean,” a second blogTO post reads.

iHalo Krunch’s Instagram page states that the shop is at Trinity Bellwoods, 915 Queen St W, Toronto, Ontario.

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