Trudeau Will Soon Permit Muslims To Wear Burqas In Driving Licenses Photos

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It’s true, Illinois has done it.

With the rise of diversity and a strong support for the Muslim community from the liberal government in Canada, anything can happen.

Illinois is Obama’s country. The state is allowing women to wear Burqas to take their drivers lisence photo.

Yes”, you read it correctly, “ID photos” designed for the sole purpose of identifying an individual, in the state of Illinois will now allow (a privileged few), within our society, to in effect wear a disguise, a mask…which of course negates the actual purpose of having a photo ID, in the first place.

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Trudeau and Obama have a close relationship, both terrorist supporters, both known to fund terrorist group.

It’s said that Trudeau will soon allow freedom of religion even when it comes to hiding faces, criminal or not, anyone who is Muslim will be allowed to wear masks anywhere and wherever they want, including drivers license and airports.

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