Facebook thinks you’re a bigot if you don’t have a “PRIDE” button

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At the time of writing this there’s 22,644,236 and counting Facebook users that have the “pride” button. 

The only way to get the pride button is to like the @LGBTQ Facebook page. 

If you don’t have it means you didn’t like the page and Facebook labels you as being bigoted, it took some time for me to find the page, Facebook only selected to advertise only to those who “liked” other LGBTQ pages as reported by the quartz:

Other users pointed out that Facebook has released temporary reaction buttons in the past that did not require users to opt in. The company’s announcements for its theme reaction buttons for Mother’s Day and Halloween do not mention any need to like a page or otherwise signal special interest. “Not everyone has a mother, or a good relationship with their mother, but we all got purple “thankful” flowers for Mother’s Day,” wrote Facebook user Sadi Ebon Askavi.

“Not everyone celebrates Halloween, but all the reactions were tweaked to reflect the whimsy of that holiday. What I’m seeing here is Facebook is trying to play both sides. ‘Here’s a rainbow reaction if you’re not homophobic. If you are, no problem! It’s opt in only! You’ll never have to see it!’ So you get all the praise and little to no pushback.”

Is Facebook right for doing this? 

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