New Islam law requires women to grow beards to turn men off 

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Muslim women have been protesting around the world to have the hijab removed and get suntanned. 

The Islamic State ordered all Muslim women to wear the hijab until the law becomes official before the end of this year. 

“We will give females 36 days time to grow a beard, if they don’t they become Infidels and we must put them through sharia courts” said Islamic State head of state who wished to remain anonymous. 

“We want the western world to support any operations these females will need to grow their beards, we don’t want women to look sexual, we want our 72 that we get in heaven” he added. 

The anonymous head of state said Islamic state will support the removal of the hijab, they will allow women to show their face and hair only if they grow a beard, as this is not very sexual to men. 

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