Trudeau brags about taking shirtless selfies, says it’s a “thing”

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Justin Trudeau attended a panel discussion for the New York Times in Toronto on Thursday where he continuously bragged about taking selfies shirtless.

“And I’m like, ‘OK watch, I’m going to fake— take off my shirt.’ That actually wasn’t in any of the pictures series, but there’s a first picture I don’t think he got of me saying, ‘Yeah I’ll take off my shirt to be in the background.’ Cause it was a thing,” Trudeau said.

Trudeau’s executive assistant Adam Scotti is a photographer who snaps Trudeau for viral pictures and posts them online.

Trudeau says shirtless selfies are things that “just happen”

“I do things. I’m an active person. I like people,” Trudeau said. “I will stop for selfies. I feel that opportunities to connect in a way that is true to me with people are helpful and that’s an example of it.”

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