Hollywood Movie Star Seth Rogen Just Attacked Trump Fan Who Was Stabbed 9 Times And In Critical Condition

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For quite some time, the world has been getting more and more obsessed with what the rich and famous do, where they go, what they wear and what they think about things. Unfortunately for us, these are usually people who got their fame due to either their looks or their ability to lie. The rise to fame of the typical movie star usually includes a rocket ship powered by money that lands on the planet Malibu, where the communities are gated and the troubles of the regular American may as well be from another planet.

Listening to a movie star or pop singer for your political or moral values would be kind of like getting your religious views from a drug dealer; yes, they might have some strong views, but they’ll be subjective to what accommodates their personal lifestyle, rather than what’s right and wrong.

Every single time one of these limousine liberals opens their big liberal mouths we’re reminded just how out of touch with the real world they are. The most recent ridiculously rude and classless display of that was from comedy superstar Seth Rogen who thought it’d be ok to make fun of a guy who sort of resembled him who’d been repeatedly stabbed and left for dead by Muslims who were, ya know, just acting out their religion.

Via InfoWars:

“Actor Seth Rogen mocked a multiple stabbing victim on Twitter because the Trump supporter did not have health insurance in another shocking example of vulgar leftist rhetoric.

Tony Foreman was stabbed nine times following a “free speech rally” in Santa Monica, California, last Saturday. The attackers, a Muslim Armenian gang, told Foreman, “You’re getting the shank White Boy,” before lunging at him with knives.

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