Muslim father LAUGHS as he gives his five-year-old son a mock EXECUTION

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Imagine doing this to a five-year-old. This is how a new generation of heartless, soulless jihad killers is raised up. This is a culture of bloodshed and violence in action.

“Muslim father laughs as he gives his son a mock execution”, by Belinda Cleary, Daily Mail Australia, July 21, 2017:

A Muslim man who laughed over his trembling five-year-old son as his family prepared for the boy’s ‘execution’ claims he was teaching him honesty.

Kiimatangiroa​ Junior Samuel, 41, from Hastings, New Zealand made his son collect a hammer and kneel on white sheets so he could be ‘executed’ for running around a mosque during prayer time on February 26 this year.

A court heard Samuel made his other children aged seven, nine and 10 collect sheets to stop the blood from the execution ‘getting on the floor’,Stuff reported.

Once the execution had been set up the 41-year-old man told his older children to ‘look away so you don’t see all the blood’.