Huffington Post Says Eric Trump’s New Haircut is Racist (Yes, really)

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The Huffington Post published a serious news article in which it suggested that Eric Trump’s new haircut was racist.

Yes, really.

The article was based on a handful of tweets from people who compared Trump’s new haircut to that of alt-right figure Richard Spencer.

“Eric Trump, the son of President Donald Trump who thinks people who oppose his dad are “not even people,” got a haircut over the weekend,” wrote HuffPost’s Lifestyle Editor Carly Ledbetter.

She then listed a series of tweets from hysterical idiots with too much time on their hands.

“Eric Trump has a fascist haircut. This cannot possibly be unintentional,” remarked one.

“It’s not so new,” commented writer David Slack, alongside a picture of Adolf Hitler.

Other Twitter users were quick to point out that virtually half of men living in the west between the ages of 18-40 literally have this haircut right now.

Ex-soccer star David Beckham and Macklemore are alt-right neo-Nazis too! Who knew?