Harper Left A $7.5-Billion Surplus, Trudeau Lies And Tries To Blame Harper For $18-Billion Deficit

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As far as we know, former Prime Minister Stephen Harper left office with a $7.5-Billion Surplus, quote from Conservative finance critic Lisa Raitt on May 6, 2016:

“Last week, Finance Canada actually announced that the federal government had a $7.5 billion surplus. It is the fourth time that officials at Finance Canada have actually confirmed that we left them with a surplus, and that is because of our strong fiscal management and the fact that we are prudent on balanced budgets.” 

Current PM Justin Trudeau by thespec.com yesterday.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau argued Tuesday that his Liberal government has been keeping its promise to be fiscally responsible and pointed to the previous Conservative administration as at least partly to blame for higher-than-expected deficits.

Trudeau maintained the Liberals were consistent with their 2015 election commitment to add about $10 billion in new spending for 2016-1s7, their first full year in office.

But he insisted the Liberals had to deal with a baseline deficit of $18 billion after they came to power, even though their Conservative predecessors had predicted a balanced budget

Justin Trudeau also once said, “The budget will balance itself”, so since the budgets don’t blame themselves, should he blame someone else?

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