Muslim Worker Arrives With Pizza At Kids’ Party, Delivers More Than Pepperoni

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A Muslim migrant arrived at a house to deliver a pizza, expecting a nice tip. However, as soon as he noticed that the food was meant for a kids’ party, he decided that a few extra dollars weren’t all he was going to get out of the service.

As leftists flood our communities with thousands of unscreened asylum seekers from the most dangerous Sharia nations, we find that they bring their countries’ oppressive, intolerant values and culture with them. Unfortunately, to even bring up their third-world misogyny and bigotry is considered bigotry itself, even for those who’ve fallen victim to this purported multiculturalism.

When 37-year-old, Iranian-born Mohammed Shahab Mahboubian received a job at a pizza shop in the UK, liberals swooned over his successful integration into Western culture, but much too soon. All it took for the middle-aged Middle Easterner was the opportunity for an encounter with a defenseless child.

The Northern Echo reports that Mohammed arrived with the pizza at a house in Durham on November 29, realizing that the only residents that night were a group of teen girls. When he saw that no adults were home, he told one of the 15-year-old girls that she must get in his car or he would use physical violence.

After two of the girls eventually came out, he urged one to “come for a ride in my car.” The court was told he added, “If you don’t come for a ride, I’ll hurt you.”

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