Man convicted of killing daughter for not wearing hijab dies in Ontario prison

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A man who was convicted of killing his daughter for not wearing a hijab died in a Ontario prison on Wednesday, police did not disclose the cause of death for the 67-year-old man.

Muhammad Parvez was serving a life sentence for killing in daughter , his prison term started in 2010.

Aqsa, a 16-year-old student in grade 11 was strangled to death after she game home from school, courts called the murder “twisted and repugnant.”

From CBC:

According to an agreed statement of facts presented in court, Aqsa had been experiencing conflict at home and clashed with her family because she chose to wear Western-style clothing and didn’t want to cover her hair with the traditional hijab head scarf.

Correctional Services said Parvez was an inmate at Beaver Creek Institution in Gravenhurst, Ont.

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