Notley Government to invest $35 million to help Indigenous communities fight climate change

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The Alberta government announced their plan to help Indigenous communities fight climate change by cutting back on greenhouse gasses and reducing energy bills.


As part of the province’s climate leadership plan to invest in local renewable projects, 48 First Nations, eight Métis settlements and the Métis Nation of Alberta will benefit from the initiative.

“Indigenous Peoples are on the forefronts of the effects of climate change and it is essential that they are able to participate in all aspects of Alberta’s climate leadership plan,” Indigenous Relations Minister Richard Feehan said at a news conference in Edmonton on Thursday.

“It will make life better for Indigenous people across the province and benefit our environment.”

After announcing a carbon levy in January and capping oilsands emissions to 100 megatonnes a year, the province has been working to rebrand itself as a climate change leader amid its reputation for supporting climate damaging industries like coal and oil and gas operations.

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