Calgary Mayor says Albertans are fragile and need to stop complaining about Trudeau 

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Justin Trudeau was under fire when he forgot to give Alberta a shoutout in his Canada day 150th birthday speech.

Albertans and small media groups in Alberta started backlashing Trudeau via social all social media platforms.

But Calgary mayor says Albertans are fragile and need to stop complaining.

“Making a flub in a speech, come on, are we that fragile as Albertans that we really think this is part of a vast conspiracy theory against the province?” Nenshi told reporters.

”Or, are we so sensitive that we are crying that we weren’t listed next to Yukon? This is just silly.”

“Frankly, those who are trying to make political hay out of it, there are big issues we should be working on in this province and I would much rather they focus on that, than on a perceived gaffe,” Nenshi added.

“I make mistakes all the time, I screw up speeches all the time and, usually, people are kind enough to forgive and focus on the content of what I’m doing.”

Via Calgary Herald. 

We here at Debate Post disagree with the mayor, Trudeau laughed and and made a Star Wars joke just before his official press conference for the Fort McMurray fired where a city of 88,000 people had to be evacuated.

Trudeau also said Albertans should be happy they aren’t worse off during the oil crash that killed the oil economy.

Trudeau said many things that pissed off Albertans, I don’t blame them do you?