Trump’s Wrestlemania Video Mocking CNN Is Now His Most Liked Tweet Ever

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While the talking heads in the mainstream media are crying foul over President Donald Trump’s infamous Wrestlemania tweet, it appears to be a smash hit among ordinary folk.

According to, the tweet is – by far – @realDonaldTrump’s most retweeted post, ever, with 315,796.

Trump’s next highest tweet in terms of retweets (a message about his trip to the Middle East) sits at 87,166.

The social media analysis site’s audit found that it is also – by far – his most ‘liked’ tweet, with 522,533 likes. His next most ‘liked’ tweet (a shoutout to wounded GOP Rep. Steve Scalise) sits at 41,314.

Of course, you’d never guess so many people are thrilled about the tweet – at least not based on the way mainstream media pundits have reacted to it.

CNN’s Brian Stelter called the tweet “scary, dangerous” during a broadcast yesterday, stating, “who knows which outlet will be next. Who’s going to speak up? Are other media outlets going to speak up? I think they will today.”

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