Trudeau pledges to Terrorism by Insulting the People who Died for our Freedom

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A young Canadian bomb maker gets $10 million dollars from the Trudeau government after the legal system said Omar Khadr’s rights were violated in a US prison while the war Khadr helped create is still killing people to this day.

The Canadian government will also apologize to Khadr, this puts Justin Trudeau directly into the support many terrorists look for, and is clearly an insult to those who fought, and are still fighting for our freedom.

Is it right for Trudeau do agree to this?

Let’s look at some facts from Khadr’s past.

Omar Khadr’s trial began on Tuesday at Guatanamo Bay. Mr. Khadr, 23, is facing five war crimes charges, including one in the murder of Special Forces Sergeant First Class Chris Speer, who died in a grenade attack when Mr. Khadr was 15.

Ahmed Said Khadr (Omar’s Father) is arrested for his alleged role in the bombing of the Egyptian embassy in Islamabad, but he is set free after Jean Chrétien raises the arrest with Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

In 1996 the family moves to Jalalabad, under Taliban control, and lives in Osama bin Laden’s compound.

After training on AK-47s, Soviet PKs and rocket-propelled grenades, Omar Khadr, 14, works as a translator for al-Qaeda and conducts a surveillance mission, spying on U.S. military convoys at an airbase in Khost.

In 2002 Omar Khadr allegedly plants 10 land mines in the mountains between Gardez and Khost. They are intended to strike U.S. military targets.

Also in 2002 U.S. troops surround an Afghanistan compound but are met with heavy gunfire. Two Afghan government soldiers are killed and several U.S. troops sustain injuries. Warplanes blast the compound until the gunfire subsides. U.S. troops enter the compound and find Omar Khadr, who allegedly hurls a grenade at a medic and kills him. U.S. forces open fire and Omar is shot three times. He loses the sight in one eye. He is taken to Bagram Air Base.

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Justin Trudeau needs to stop, please share this message.