Trudeau confirms Albertans want separation from Canada

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Justin Trudeau confirmed everyone’s suspicion of separating Alberta from Canada, not only during his Canada 150th birthday party speech, but also during the Fort McMurray fires, during the EI debate, during the ongoing oil crash, during the equalization debates, and during his whole life and hate towards Alberta ever since he first went on video.

Is Trump interested in buying Alberta? Possibly, if Alberta went up for sale it would actually generate a large economy, especially if the American were to buy the black gold province, since Trump pulled out of the climate agreement and turned his back on the whole climate change deal, investors have moved their oil businesses from Alberta to America, and now they are booming, because frankly green energy projects can only be funded by governments thanks to the high prices of invention and ongoing maintenance, take Ontario for example.

Alberta oil companies had to pause or halt many of their operations thanks to provincial carbon tax, and now the federal carbon tax will be a harder hit, the crash will double, more jobs will be lost, and Alberta business will continue to move their business elsewhere, not only out of Alberta, but out of Canada.

The only chance for the survival of Alberta is Billions of dollars in black gold right under our feet, unfortunately Premier Rachel Notley told the world Alberta oil is dirty and brainwashed most non-level-headed Canadians.

Here’s what the mainstream media thinks of Alberta via, this is how they brainwash their millions of viewers. 

Alberta is constantly mad. At various moments they have been mad about Sunday movies and seat belts and daylight savings time and the metric system and rock music and the French and transgender bathrooms and themselves. It is a province fuelled not by the energy locked away in the oil sands but by an all-consuming fire of anger in their hearts that I can only assume is the inevitable result of having a province founded by intensely sexually-repressed fundamentalist farmers. Anything bad that ever happens is never an accident of nature or an unintended consequence of a well-meaning idea; it is the result of deliberate sabotage by the federal government or the NDP or people on welfare or the CBC or hippies or the Rothschilds or all of the above in one great freedom-hating orgy. Alberta will never stop getting mad about everything, which is why they are the funniest province.

With Trudeau’s continuous hate for Alberta, is it time to separate? If so, where to?