VIDEO: Cameraman Catches Refugee “Playing” With White Girl, Zooms In & Spots The Unthinkable Happening

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We often hear the liberal left and the feminizer’s of America screaming that “refugees and Muslims are peaceful.” Yet they seem to fail at mentioning the hundreds of thousands of videos all over the internet just like the one below. This 9-second clip ends before anyone interferes with the attack and no one knows the outcome. However, this video goes straight to the point of why so many Americans are adamantly against the influx of refugees in America.

Islam teaches Muslim children from birth that rape and dominance are acceptable practices. It has now got to the point that we are seeing more and more children attempting, and in some cases succeeding in raping the natives of the countries that they are taking over.

Warning: Although this video is short and doesn’t show any actual intercourse it is disturbing nonetheless and I advise that you don’t let any young children watch it. It appears as though a young refugee boy and a young French girl (both around the age of 7 or younger) are struggling on the ground while a man records it and cheers the boy on. At one point you see the boy physically holding the girl down while he tries to undo his pants.

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