TRUMPED: An upset Merkel with her head in her hands over chat with Trump as G20 heats up

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Pictured with a stricken face and eyes wide open in despair, the German Chancellor is clearly in shock as she listens to the US President talk following a meeting at the event in Hamburg this afternoon.

The billionaire business man seems none the wiser at first, gesticulating widely as he carries on chatting to fellow heads of state.

But a second image shows Ms Merkel in a more fragile state, with her head in her hands as she stands among her allies.

The US President is seen looking down at his political rival with confusion and concern, while other politicians stand around without a reaction.

Donald Trump is likely to play a huge part of discussions during the two-day summit in one of Germany’s largest cities, after the US pulled out of the Paris climate change agreement.

Mr Trump arrived in Hamburg last night where he had a “great meeting” with Angela Merkel as the two leaders attempted to put aside some of their differences over trade and climate change on the eve of the summit.