Jeffrey Lord gives Trump a 11 out 10 rating at the G20

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CNN has continued to burn President Trump over the last few months, but today Jeffrey Lorn wrote a story on CNN and says he’s giving Trump a 11 out of 10 at the G20 based on on the Presidents performance.

As a fan, I would give Trump an 11 out of 10. He did exactly what the people who voted for him wanted him to do. He never wavered from putting America first — or, in campaign vernacular, making America great again — whether the subject was climate change, trade or North Korea, he said in the story.

But history shows us no meeting goes perfectly — and sometimes it can be difficult to gauge the success of a meeting until years later.
The moments when presidents sit down with their Russian counterparts have always drawn particularly close attention. This practice began during World War II, when Franklin Delano Roosevelt attended two meetings with the Soviet Union’s Josef Stalin and Britain’s Winston Churchill.
The first meeting didn’t occur until the late 1943 Tehran Summit. It is notable that to break the ice with Stalin, Roosevelt found it necessary to make Churchill the butt of jokes — referencing his cigar smoking and other eccentricities. Stalin responded with appreciation, and the President’s relationship with the man he himself began to call “Uncle Joe” was off to a positive start.
Most notoriously, it was the second Roosevelt-Stalin summit at Yalta — at first seen as a success — that has been deemed, in retrospect, a serious failure, effectively laying the groundwork for the Cold War. After the meeting, Stalin made it his business to establish what Churchill would eventually call “the Iron Curtain” — or postwar Soviet control of Eastern Europe.

Do you agree with Jeffery? He also added that Trump followed his campaign promises to put American interests above all else.