No evidence of Trump collusion with Russia, but there’s evidence Trudeau colludes with Allah

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So far the Democrats can’t find any evidence of President Donald Trump colluding with Russia to sway the election, but they try so hard.

In Canada however, there’s strong evidence of collusion between the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Allah.

Here’s a few facts that support this case.

Trudeau once said “Christians are the worst part of Canadian society”

Right after Justin Trudeau got elected he rushed 30,000 Muslim refugees from Syria into Canada, 99% who were Muslims, Christians got left behind.

Trudeau also once said, “If you kill your enemies, they win”

Trudeau also boosted the the payout to convicted terrorist Omar Khadr for the jackpot sum of $10.5 million, and he apologized to him.

So is Justin Trudeau colluding with Allah? Watch below.

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