Rachel Notley opens her big fat mouth and says Jason Kenney is arrogant

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Shame on Alberta NDP Premier, she becomes very hypocritical when someone pisses her off.

On Monday PC leader Jason Kenney called the Notley government: “a government of economic illiterates.”

I would agree Kenney is right, the NDP and her failed government have killed the Alberta economy, and now her silent plan is to partner with the B.C. green party and NDP to kill all of Western Canada.

Rachel Notley got pissed off at the comment so she fired back at him and called out his so-called history of arrogance: he “had a very, very long history of arrogance.” she says, “I think this is an indication that hasn’t changed.”

From Calgary Sun.

Notley adds those who think they can take $7 billion out of an economy in recession need to go back to school because such a cut will “make things much, much harder.”

“Anyone who doesn’t see that needs to rethink why they’re in politics.”

Er … methinks the $7 billion comes from calculations based on a comment by Wildrose leader Brian Jean on how much the deficit would be if he was in charge compared what it is now under the NDP.

Notley believes Kenney’s comments are “just an ongoing form of arrogance on the part of a group of people who still feel entitled to be in power.”

“They may or may not be entitled to be in power. We’ll see,” says the premier, with a smile.

Kenney responds. He says “this isn’t about gender. Or tone. This is about math.”

It’s about an NDP piling up debt with no real plan to get the books in order, hiking spending at an unaffordable rate, a deficit of almost a billion bucks a month, losing control of the province’s finances.

‘These aren’t insults. These are facts.”

Kenney points to a just-released ThinkHQ nosecount.

Nearly two-thirds of Albertans polled disapprove of Notley’s economic record.

Almost half of those counted have strong negative opinions.

Only one in nine strongly approve of what Notley’s government is doing on the economic front.

Even in Edmonton more of those polled gave Notley the thumbs-down than the thumbs-up.

To add to the ugly arithmetic, more than half say NDP policies have hurt them.

“These are the Albertans I’m hearing from all the time,” says Kenney.

“At the height of the recession instead of pouring water on the fire they poured gasoline on it with higher taxes scaring away investment and killing jobs. Albertans understand this.”

As for the NDP hornet nest he stirred up, Kenney brushes off any attacks on him.

He also feels “no amount of NDP bumf is going to persuade two-thirds of Albertans that the biggest deficit of any provincial government in Canada is a good thing.

“Ultimately, Albertans will decide.”

We all have our own opinions of the Alberta government, what’s yours? Comment below and share.