Federal NDP leadership hopeful “We’re going to implement feminist policies”

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Niki Ashton, the MP for Churchill is drawing crowds and opening eyes for her recent NDP debate comments in Saskatoon.

The NDP leadership hopeful wants to be a better feminist than Justin Trudeau.

Ashton says she’s a longtime intersectional feminist who promotes activism and advocacy.

She Tweeted an example on Twitter in Regina.

We can make Canada a safer place for people of all gender identities by implementing feminist policies and investing in them,” she said.

Citing a recently released report, which had found the rates of all crimes in Canada are on the decline — except the rates of sexual assault which remained steadfast, Ashton says it’s critical to challenge rape culture on a national scale and speak with victims about their experiences with the justice system to create an atmosphere were victims feel comfortable enough to come forward. 

“For far too long, women have been told that anti-discrimination policies are too expensive or aren’t a priority. That is simply unacceptable.”


Her gender justice platform is focused on the understanding that the federal government needs to put resources in place, like immediate aid for victims and their families, before significant changes can be made — a job she says the current government isn’t taking seriously enough.

“There was much hope in electing Justin Trudeau as someone who committed to real change and there is no question that one of the messages he put forward was one that was, I’d say, much appreciated by women across the country,” Ashton said. “We had very early declarations of Prime Minister Trudeau’s feminism — and his very proud identity as such — but what we haven’t seen is that commitment rollout in terms of policy and particularly resources.” Continue reading…

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