Mainstream Media Attempting to Normalize Pedophila as an “Orientation”?

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Nearly two years after the far left publication Salon ended its crusade to normalize pedophilia, the BBC picked up the slack, posting a piece suggesting pedophiles just need “help” not “condemnation.”

The anonymous author, in his very first sentence, anxiously declares that pedophilia is just a “disorder” and likens it to an actual “sexual orientation.” The tenor and tone of the article is one of a victimhood — fear that if he were “outed” as pedophile, it may lead to “violence” and “physical attacks.”

It should be noted that the author never hints that acting on the impulse to sexually abuse children is acceptable, and acknowledges that his “former orientation” later led him to seek help, discovering that it is entirely curable. He does not, it appears, understand his own tacit admission: that the condemnation of nefarious and evil sex acts perpetrated on children, rather than social acceptance or acknowledgement of it as a sexual orientation, was the impetus for him to seek help.

Not only did he not understand it, the author bizarrely concludes that the “demonization” of “this sexual orientation” makes it difficult for young people to seek help. Nowhere is it considered that lowering the severe social costs of the depraved impulses of a pedophiliac, could lead to an uptick in pedophiles acting on them.

This follows a troubling pattern in far left news publications. In September of 2015, Salon posted a piece referring to pedophilia as a “sexual identity.” The Salon piece also featured a video with the author, Todd Nickerson, from virtuous pedophiles (yes, you read that correctly) in which he also referred to pedophilia as a sexual orientation. Salon pulled the articles in February, after a video of right-wing commentator Milo Yiannopoulos was released showing him defending relationships between young boys and grown men.

The author’s theme that pedophilia should not be demonized in order to encourage pedophiles to seek help, precludes the more sensible and rational response that neither are mutually exclusive, and encouraging pedophiles to seek help is the corollary of its condemnation and degree of its perceived moral repugnance.