Trudeau says the Khadr payment could have cost up to $40 Million

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Justin Trudeau says the Omar Khadr could have cost taxpayers up to $40 million if they didn’t pay the $10.5 million he received last week.

He said this was the “responsible path to take” the way everything unfolded even though 71 percent Canadians opposed the settlement.

“I can understand Canadians’ concerns about the settlement. In fact, I share those concerns about the money; that’s why we settled,” Trudeau said from the Senate foyer where he was announcing Canada’s new governor general.

“If we had continued to fight this, not only would we have inevitably lost, but estimates ranged from $30 to $40 million that it would have ended up costing the government,” he said. “So this was the responsible path to take.”

He added we need to recognize rights even when it’s difficult.

“The measure of a society, a just society, is not whether we stand up for people’s rights when it’s easy or popular to do so, it’s whether we recognize rights when it’s difficult, when it’s unpopular,” Trudeau said.

Reports from CBC.