WATCH: Woman Defends Having Sex While Breastfeeding In Most Bizarre Interview Of All Time

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In one of the most uncomfortable and bizarre television interviews to date, Utah-based vlogger and mother of three Tasha Maile, defended her decision to have sex while breastfeeding, during an appearance on a U.K. morning show, while, fittingly, breastfeeding.

Maile posted a video about her doing the dirty while breastfeeding in 2015 and unsurprisingly received much backlash in response. The words “incest” and “creepy” where the biggest on the word cloud.

Someone over at the U.K.-based show was smart enough to see the potential for ratings gold, tracked down Maile, and invited the vlogger onto the show to defend herself.

What unfolded was likely more than they bargained for.

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