THIS IS ISLAM: “You cut off a foot or I’ll kill your family” so I did it’ Muslim children reveal how they were forced by ISIS to mutilate prisoners

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Shocking details reveal the treatment of children under ISIS rule in Mosul, Iraq
One girl revealed she was forced to hack a prisoner’s hand off with a machete
She and her brothers were told their family would be killed if they did not comply
ISIS swept into Mosul in 2014 but the city has been liberated after lengthy battle

By Julian Robinson

Children have revealed how they were forced by ISIS fanatics to mutilate prisoners in Iraq.
Militants in the war-torn city of Mosul, this week liberated from the terror group, ordered youngsters to carry out the punishment after threatening to kill their families.
One 11-year-old girl, Hadya, said she was forced, along with her two brothers, Shadi, five, and Fadi, nine, to attack a captive with a machete.

Horrific details of their ordeal were revealed on Dateline produced by Australia’s news network SBS.
Describing her treatment at the hands of one jihadist, Hadya said: ‘He came along and said, “You cut off a foot, you cut off an arm, and you slash his face with a knife. Otherwise I’ll take you away from your mother and kill you all”.

‘We were scared to refuse, we were each given a machete. I had to cut his hand off. I did it.
‘[Fadi] had to cut his feet off. Shadi had to cut his face with a knife.’
The man died after Shadi was forced to stab him in the eye, the children claimed.
Others revealed how they were taught to plant explosives and were beaten with electric cables or had shots fired near their feet if they made mistakes.
ISIS swept into Mosul in the summer of 2014 when it conquered much of northern and western Iraq.