$241M or $20M, who cares, the fact that ANY money went to the Clinton Foundation is the point

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Canadians did right, by sharing the news that the Canadian government sent $241 million to the former thriving Clinton Foundation, actually the real number is $20 million, which was corrected by the Toronto Sun and reported by other conservative outlets, we corrected out version after BuzzFeed.com published this story.

BuzzFeed said the story was a error that went viral on Facebook and r/The_Donald, but the real error was where the money went, they forgot to report that, they forgot to report the real news.

BuzzFeed said the number was a error that went viral on Facebook and r/The_Donald on Reddit, but the real error was where the money went, they forgot to report that, they forgot to report the real news.

Do you really care how much money went to something built up by the Clinton Foundation? $241 million or $20 million, my reaction would have been the same, but why isn’t the left reporting on the fact that ANY money was donated to the corrupted Foundation?

Here’s a small list of topics that define the Clinton Foundation.

  • Saudi Arabian Influence
  • King Of Moroccan Meeting
  • Russian Uranium Ties
  • Indonesian Tobacco Magnate
  • Algeria, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman

Which means they received money from Countries that kill in the name of Allah, and violate human rights.

So what’s the true point, the actual numbers or the fact that ANY money went towards corruption which violated human rights?

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Most fact checking websites are left-wing and support Clinton’s and their Foundation just like Politifact.com, where the question was asked:

Did Hillary Clinton take money from countries that treat women, gays poorly?

Politifact.com scored this with Half True (whatever that means)

Via Politifact.com.

Our ruling

Trump said that Hillary Clinton has “been given tens of millions of dollars by countries that treat women horribly…and countries that kill gays.”

Trump’s comment oversimplifies donations to the Clinton Foundation to make a quick attack against his Democratic rival. He makes it sound as if Clinton personally received money from foreign governments with poor records on human rights. But political candidates cannot accept donations from foreign governments.

However, several countries with harsh rules for women and that kill gays have contributed to the Clinton Foundation both before and after her tenure at the State Department. 

We rate Trump’s claim Half True.

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