Despite What The Polls Says, Real Fans Go Absolutely Nuts For President Trump

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The mainstream media keeps publishing negative content about President Donald Trump as a full time attempt to attack the leader of the world’s most powerful country, but they seem to failing, because in the real world, fans seem to be uprising.

“6 months in, a record low for Trump, with troubles from Russia to health care,” ABC News wrote Sunday.

“Poll finds Trump’s standing weakened since springtime,” The Washington Post said.

“Poll: Trump’s six-month approval rating hits historic low,” Politico reported.

All were citing a new poll by (try to guess who: you’ll never guess) — The Washington Post and ABC News! (Via

Trump made an appearance in the Liberal State of New Jersey for the Women’s U.S. Open and fans went nuts, fans started praising the President, his presence had great support despite what the mostly fake mainstream media says.

People mobbed the area. They snapped photos, waved (many hoisting “Make America Great Again” hats), cheered — so much so that marshals on the course had to quiet them down so as not to disturb the golfers.

When Trump left for the day, he was cheered again, Andrew Restuccia, a Politico reporter, wrote in a pool report.

“As he exited, a man yelled, ‘that’s my president!’ Another exclaimed, ‘thank you!’ A crowd of several dozen people gathered on the balcony of the golf club’s clubhouse and waved as POTUS departed.”

  Trump swung by the event again on Saturday, arriving at 2:30 p.m. Reported Restuccia: “People yelled, ‘I love you!’ as he entered a glass-enclosed viewing area near the 15th hole. The president waved.” (Via)

Fans are starting to come out of their caves for the first time in many years to meet with the President, these are fans that remained hidden when under Obama, and for good reasons too.

The mainstream media will only continue to howl at the President to try and ruin his image, but they completely fail to do so, and will continue to fail until they lose their reputation, like CNN has.