Halifax drag queen says ‘Get a life’ if you oppose Trudeau

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Do you oppose Justin Trudeau making a fool of himself during Pride Parades?

Well you’re in luck, this Halifax drag queen has a message for you.

“I know he has got a lot on his plate these days when it comes to his relationship with the United States and all the things going on in the world but boy that man shows love to the LGBT community in a phenomenal way,” he said.

As for people who are skeptical about Trudeau visiting, he had three words: “Get a life.

He said people in the LGBTQ community giving other communities trouble about being in the pride parade should also stop.

“(If) incredible members of our community on a national level like Justin Trudeau, who as far as I’m concerned is an ally and a partner in the LGBT rights movement, wants to come and show his support? I say roll out the red carpet,” he said. (metronews.ca)

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