President Trump is here to stay, regardless what CNN wants

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CNN started attacking President Donald Trump ever since he announced his bid to run for office, while no one believed him, he won.

The silent majority proved Trump can win, and according to them, he’s here to stay.

CNN and the rest of the mainstream media want him out, they’ve failed to bring hard evidence against the President for the Trump/Russia collusion after trying for many months, ask anyone around you if they have ever heard the Trump/Russia collusion story, chances are they would say YES.

Even the internet giant Google tries to bring the President down by showing less rank to conservative news outlets, but they call them fake news because the truth hits them right in the feels, they need to vent on social media and find their safe spaces.

The media hides small reports like the following videos from the average viewers.

President Trump has done many great things for Americans, while the mainstream media ignores this, the silent majority will keep finding great things the President did for them.