Thank you Justin Trudeau for paying a Terrorists $10.5 Million

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Thank you Justin Trudeau, thank you very much for opening the eyes of many Canadians.

Your approval to the payment of the convicted murderer and terrorist Omar Khadr spark record breaking outrage throughout Canada, Canadians are starting to wake up and know what kind of radicalized Prime Minister you’ve become, to be clear, at least 71 percent of Canadians think negative about you in some respect.

Thank you for coming to Calgary, thanks for letting Calgarians express their true feelings for you, thousands of conversions have been created since the Omar Khadr payment online and throughout all social media channels.

Maybe the information you’ve given Canadians reached the younger generation of our country, they will suffer the most when they grow up to be parents like many of us are right now, hopefully they seen the discussions created online by your screwups.

I hope this short letter somehow reaches your office and gives you the information to show our appreciation of your many scrwups, discussions create change, and latest polls show 71 percent Canadians agree with me.