Two Canadian Terrorists Caught In Mosul Wearing Explosive Belts

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Two Canadians were part of the 20 women caught by Iraqi officials in a raid to take over Mosul.

No names have been named and Canadian families who have children fighting for ISIS said they haven’t talked to their children since they left, so their whereabouts are unknown at this point.

Via (TS)A report citing an Iraqi counterterrorism official Tuesday morning said that five German citizens, three Russians, three Turkish nationals, two Canadians, a Chechen and six people from Libya and Syria were arrested several days ago in a secret tunnel in the Quleiat neighbourhood of the besieged city.

They were reportedly armed with weapons and explosive belts, according to Haider al-Araji, an Iraqi counterterrorism official cited by several media outlets.

The German newspaper Die Welt reported that authorities believe one of the German citizens is a 16-year-old schoolgirl who fled her country in July 2016.

There was no additional information available on the Canadians reportedly captured, but Herman Okomba-Deparice told the Star in an interview Tuesday that he has already received calls from the worried parents of Canadian foreign fighters.

“I recently spoke with a mother whose child is there. The parents are worried. There are some parents who haven’t had any news from their children since the bombing of Mosul began. It’s a time of desperation right now,” he said.

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