WATCH: Radical Liberal Joy Behar Says Jesus Would Have Made Cake For Gay Weddings

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In 2012, Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado declined to design a wedding cake for gay couple, Charles Craig and David Mullins.

As these things tend to go, “Craig and Mullins filed a civil rights complaint and won, first before an administrative court judge, then before the state Civil Rights Commission, and finally before the Colorado Court of Appeals,” according to USA Today.

Nevertheless, Phillips persisted. Now, the Supreme Court has decided to hear the case.

On Friday, Jack Phillips appeared on The View with his attorney, Kristen Waggoner, of Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF).

During his time in the viper pit, Phillips was challenged on multiple fronts by the hosts, none of whom appear to have even a cursory understanding of the scripture.

One of the more audacious exchanges came when co-host, Paula Faris, said to Phillips:

I know that you’re a Christ-follower, and Jesus was even criticized by some of his followers for hanging out with the lowest of the low, and the tax collectors and the sinners. Did you ever ask yourself what would Jesus do in this particular situation? Instead of denying them, do you think maybe Jesus would have said I don’t accept this but I’m going to love you anyway? Do you think that maybe that would have had a more powerful testimony?

After applause from the audience, Phillips calmly responded: “It still doesn’t answer the question: Would he have made the cake? And I don’t believe he would have because that would have contradicted the rest of biblical teaching.”

This prompted Joy Behar, biblical scholar, to say: “Oh, come on. Jesus would have made the cake.” Following more applause, Behar continued: “You can believe the Bible and everything, but Jesus, that’s a deal-breaker. Jesus is gonna make the cake.”

Behar later claimed somewhat facetiously that she was simply “speaking for Jesus right now.”