Muslims are outraged that this Florida sheriff said that armed citizens are the best way to to defeat terror

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With the onslaught of recent attacks around the world and close to home during the Muslim month of Ramadan, a fed-up Florida Sheriff has seen enough. He doesn’t want to take any more chances in his state with a melting pot population of people from all over, and definitely has his hands full with more than his fair share of crime in Brevard County. Seeing society disintegrate around him and understanding the clear and present threat of Islamic terrorism in the U.S., Sheriff Wayne Ivey infuriated every Muslim “refugee” in his state with what he told patriotic citizens to do right now.

Delivering what’s perhaps his own “State of the Nation” address, Sheriff Ivey took social media with a message that cannot be ignored about the terrorism lurking in our communities. The cesspool of hate was allowed to percolate under two terms of our previous administration, who made excuses and not defences against it. Because of this, the issue of Islamic terrorism is, unfortunately, alive and well in America and Ivey declares that it’s time to take our country back today from those plotting to destroy it, most specifically as we speak during Muslims’ bloody month of Ramadan.

We have the tools to do it and now the leadership in the White House who supports citizens’ ability to defend themselves, their family, and property. President Donald Trump also isn’t afraid to call a spade and spade and when something looks like terrorism, it is, and the days of pretending it’s not are over.

You could say that Brevard County Florida Sheriff Wayne Ivey is a liberal’s worst nightmare in calling for armed citizens to be the first line of defense against a terrorist attack in your community. With assertiveness and not pulling a single punch, Ivey says, “you cannot hide and wait, you need to be the first line of defense for your family, and friends. Call 911, but be trained and ready to engage the enemy,” he announced in his public message to all Americans, not just those living in Florida.

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