Muslim woman who attacked non-Muslims with golf club says she accepts only Sharia, not Canadian law – of course now she’s being called ‘mentally ill’

in Canada by

“Her mental health needs to be addressed.”
Of course. What else could possibly be involved in this case?

“Accused terror-attacker refuses to attend court,” by Kevin Connor, Toronto Sun, August 15, 2017 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

A woman who openly pledged allegiance to ISIS refused to leave her prison cell Tuesday to attend court.

Rehab Dughmosh — who faces 21 charges, including terror-related offences — allegedly entered a Scarborough Canadian Tire store on June 3 and swung a golf club at staff.

“I’m here for Syria. I’m going to kill everybody,” she allegedly shouted.

Dughmosh, 32, has told court in the past she only believes in Sharia law and not the Canadian justice system. She also refused to show up for court last month.

On Tuesday, she would not leave her cell to attend court at 1911 Eglinton Ave. E., and court guards can’t use force to remove a prisoner from her confines without an order issued by a judge, said federal Crown attorney Bradley Reitz….

Grant added Dughmosh also needs an assessment to determine her fitness for trial.

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