IT NEVER ENDS: Muslim Group Calls For Permanent Ban Of Beloved US Celebration Due To Being “Intolerant And Anti-Islamic”

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Kicking back with an ice-cold brew on a warm summer Sunday afternoon with good friends enjoying perhaps a little backyard barbecue is what America is all about. Imagine however if someone invaded your home and decided that you’re weekend backyard barbecue and those cold brews namely beer, was somehow offensive to the intruder, moreover demanding you stop drinking beer or perhaps listening to music, or watching your favorite team on the tube because it goes against their religion.

No doubt you would ask the interloper to pack up and leave your property immediately, if not sooner.

However what if you’re a European country that foolishly welcomed hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees into your homeland and suddenly find yourself the outcast within your own home. You would do doubt be pissed that your country was suddenly turned into a third-world medieval hell hole.

Well, look no further than Germany, France and Netherlands where Muslim hordes are now demanding those cultures submit to Islamic traditions and customs or else.

At issue is the legendary celebration of Oktoberfest, the world’s largest 16-day folk festival celebrated in European capitals around the world and also right here in the good old U.S.A, although ours is scaled down version than our European counterparts.

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