Muslim teenagers infected with rabies after gang-raping a donkey is the story sweeping the internet

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A GROUP of teenagers have been treated for rabies after they gang-raped a donkey.

Fifteen boys, aged seven to 15, spent a week in a Moroccan hospital after catching the highly-contagious disease from the animal.

The actual number of infected children is feared to be higher as many families took their children to be treated at hospitals outside of Sidi Al Kamel to avoid embarrassment.

Police are now appealing to anyone else who “approached” or “admired” the donkey in order to stop the spread of disease.

The innocent donkey has now been put down on the orders of police to limit the further spread of disease.

Families and relatives of the youngsters, from a small tribal group, are said to be in “distress and horror” following the incident, according to Morocco World News.

The boys stayed at Mechraa Belksiri Hospital for a week to receive a rabies vaccination.

They were mocked throughout the small town in the north-western region of Gharb-Chrarda-Béni Hssen following the incident.

Parents in the small town are said to be having their children vaccinated in case they approached the donkey.

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