WW3 RED ALERT: US Military Exercise Near North Korean Border on Day of Eclipse Sparks Fears of Nuclear War

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“And the sun stood still And the moon halted, While a nation wreaked judgment on its foes —as is written in the Book of Jashar. Thus the sun halted in midheaven, and did not press on to set, for a whole day.” Joshua 10:13 (The Israel Bible™)
On Monday, tens of thousands of US soldiers will simulate battles just south of the volatile border that separates North and South Korea, causing several world governments to worry that this huge multinational military exercise could inadvertently spark World War III. In a strange coincidence, the military maneuvers commence while a rare solar eclipse, prophesied as a bad omen for “kings of the east”, passes over America.

On Monday, the US will begin a large-scale ten-day multinational military exercise in South Korea named Ulchi-Freedom Guardian (UFG). Approximately 25,000 American service members will participate in the exercise, with about 2,500 coming in from off-peninsula. Forces from South Korea (ROK) will participate, as well as militaries from nine other countries: Australia, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, France, Italy, Philippines, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

The US holds two major exercises annually in Korea focused on defending South Korea from the north: Foal Eagle and Key Resolve in March or April, and the UFG in August. These joint exercises have been held since the Korean War ended in a ceasefire in 1953 and have always been a point of contention, but this year, as tensions rise between the US and North Korea, the exercise has become a major source of concern.