Civil War Started In Quebec?

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Protesters turn violent between each other in a protest police call illegal.

Via CTV.

Hundreds of members of a far-right group marched in Quebec City on Sunday to protest illegal immigration, but were delayed by several hours by far-left protesters who tried to shut them down by force.

The far-right demonstration was organized by La Meute, which translates from French to “the pack.” The group is opposed to Islam and many view it as racist.

La Meute had a permit to protest and planned to march at 2 p.m., but was confronted by hundreds of left-wing protesters, dozens of them with faces covered, some calling themselves “anti-fascists.”

After police attempted to allow the far-right march to go ahead, some of the far-wing protesters launched fireworks, lit fires and hurled bottles and chairs. They also attacked members of the media.

Police quickly declared the left-wing demonstration illegal, citing “violence and vandalism,” but many protesters remained. The far-right group waited inside the parking garage of a government building until the standoff ended.

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