CBC reports another refugee sob story

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Should Canadians feel sorry for refugees who struggle as new Canadians? I don’t think so, no one ever published a sob story on myself when I’m struggling in life.

CBC publishes sob stories on refugees over and over again, just recently they published this headline:

Syrian refugees in Edmonton struggle with basic needs, report shows

But who really cares? What about my neighbors who struggle to pay their bills every month?

Or the couple down the road who have a hard time finding work thanks to the bad economy our country is in?

Why doesn’t CBC have a sob story for them?

CBC and the mainstream media in Canada have been brainwashed mainly by CNN and the American mainstream media, thanks to President Trump’s win, and now they try and brainwash Canadians, and many have succeeded.

Do you think Refugees deserve sob stories by the mainstream media? Comment below and share your thought, if you dare, click here to read the CBC article.