Islamic convert says it’s SEXUAL HARRASSMENT for Muslims to shake hands with women

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Muslim imam Sheikh Zainadine Johnson refuses to shake hands with a woman
Islam convert likened the act of a handshake with a female to sexual harassment
The former rock band guitarist compared that to being touched on the bottom

By Stephen Johnson

A Muslim-convert preacher from Queensland claims it is sexual harassment to make him shake hands with a woman.

Sharia law supporter Sheikh Zainadine Johnson used the Arabic term for sin to describe the idea of making physical contact with a female who isn’t his wife.
‘I don’t shake hands with women and believe it to be haram however some women insist,’ the former rock band guitarist said on Facebook.

‘Isn’t that sexual harassment? I mean really I feel sexually harassed when they try to force me.’
The red-headed Sunni imam, a Sunshine Coast-bred surfer previously known as Zean Johnson, went further and likened shaking hands with a woman to being touched on the bottom.

‘I’m talking about someone who insists and basically forces us to shake,’ he said.
‘It’s my body and I should have the right to decide who can touch and who can’t.
‘You see it as innocent however there are many men who feel a whack on the bum is innocent . And that is classed as sexual harassment.’

Sheikh Johnson’s comments were too much for some on social media, with one woman describing his sentiments as disturbed.
‘You are turning shaking hands – an interaction of friendliness and trust – into something perverse. I think you might need counselling,’ she said.

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